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TL;DR — Find a system that works for you, track your progress, and get rid of anything that doesn’t help you.

The importance of goal-setting came to me while I was getting lost in another long development feature for Workals when I realised that, while I tend to achieve most of my goals, I tend to do it without following a well-defined plan. Why was I working on a goals/tasks feature for my app when I don’t set goals for myself — except for maybe a post-it where I plan of ‘finishing this thing by January’ or ‘see where things go and plan from there’?

One of my favourite authors, Nassim Taleb, actually advocates for this type of flexibility and calls…

Everybody starts somewhere — let’s help each other out

Before the final projects kicked our a$$es @ Le Wagon

I worked as a tech recruiter for years before joining a coding boot camp, Le Wagon. After graduating, I decided to start Workals because I believe in the transformative power of junior engineers. This may sound completely over the top, but I’d like to highlight a few things that I’ve identified while interviewing, hiring, advising, and eventually studying to become one, that convinced me that this is definitely the case.

What is Workals, anyway?

Workals is a community of software developers and recruiters in London whose aim is to help junior developers improve their profiles, discuss technical challenges, and access…

I’ve been on the outskirts of programming for a while now; I studied computer science and maths in high school, and although I was pretty good at maths, I never fully fell in love with programming — at least not to the same degree I was with languages and literature.

In May this year I finally decided to take the leap and learn to code, as I have been trying on and off for years and it felt like the right time to finally do it.

I decided to join Le Wagon (a brilliant coding bootcamp) in Rio - because…

The anatomy of a bot

When I moved to Bali to work on my business, I wanted to believe that my initial idea was perfect and didn’t want to admit, not even to myself, that I was in fact secretly hoping that I’ll figure out how it could be improved; I’m used to committing to things and ideas and pursuing them even if and when they no longer make sense, which is both a blessing and a curse.

The first month was hectic — I was stuck in my old ways of working, feeling mentally drained, anxious, and guilty whenever I wasn’t working— after all…

I don’t need to defend diversity, but the way I see it, only hiring people you went to school with/look like you/go to the same gym as you is the same as only going on dates with people from your village when you live in a city of 7bn people — boring & unlikely to ever help to expand your world view. …

Not too long ago I became completely obsessed with chatbots. As everyone who knows me knows, I tend to follow and indulge my obsessions until I either:

  • tire myself, to the point that I need a break from everything and everyone
  • tire everyone around me, so that they start avoiding me
  • a combination of the two, which works best for all of us in the short run.

My obsession with chatbots was not too dissimilar from all my other obsessions over the years and so I started learning (as I don’t have a lot of coding experience) to build and…

A couple of months ago I spoke at an event about the way we hire at Lyst, mentioning some of the qualities we look for in our candidates, the recruitment process we’ve put in place, and how important it is for us to be nice to our candidates. The last one resonated the most with the audience (mostly fashion-tech startup founders), because they’ve probably had their fair share of terrible interviews in the past and decided that, they too, will give their candidates an amazing experience when they’re ready to make their first hires.

Most companies know how difficult it…

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